Content leads design

Content leads design

A lot of people know us through the websites we’ve designed. Funny thing is, if you spend enough time building websites you quickly realize that (design geeks aside) few people are moved by layout and functionality. That’s why stories (aka Content) are at the center of our web work.

When “home” is home

Kosta Browne Short Film: “Obsessed with Pinot Noir” by Eric Wolfinger and Pete Lee.

When a company’s website is their only accessible location content stakes are high and – much like real world guests – visitors often respond best to unique and surprising experiences.

Kosta Browne

The website for Kosta Browne brought together a famous food photographer and a kung-fu obsessed filmmaker for a series of short films on Kosta Browne’s wines. Not happy to stop there we embarked on an intensive photo project with Troyce Hoffman to document the company’s diverse vineyards – tying them all together with an interactive “road-trip” rich-media feature. And then, embracing the fact that brands are never communicated through one consistent source in the real world, we commissioned various artists to tell smaller stories, stories that people want to share.

Structure as blueprint


Whether working with companies to create original content from scratch or serving as editors to boil down content that already exists, determining how elements are organized and delivered to the end user is critical.

Bedrock Wine Co.

Morgan Twain-Peterson’s talents as a writer rival his winemaking/farming know-how, and prior to embarking on the latest iteration of his Bedrock Wine Co. website he had stacks of essays and content ready to publish. Rather than simply styling and building a “predetermined” site, Morgan and his team opted to work closely with Offset to define the structure of the content – ultimately building a book-like web experience organized around three chapters that can be scrolled from introduction to final blog post without ever using the primary navigation.

Sometimes you have to take things personally

Garden Creek

Garden Creek

All of our new projects involve a period of immersion. After all how can we expect to communicate something before we intuitively understand it? With Garden Creek our defining insight was this — there was simply no separation between its husband and wife proprietors and the brand itself; and that nothing could better communicate this than an on-site conversation with the two of them. The problem was, how could we translate this idea online? Our solution was to frame the entire website in Karin and Justin’s words, letting it play as naturally as the running dialog between them. Beautiful photography from Eric Wolfinger serves as the perfect visual complement.

We’re only as good as our collaborators


The individuality of our clients requires that we handpick the best talent for the job at hand. Maybe that’s why we embrace the fact that the best photographers, filmmakers, copywriters and illustrators aren’t on our payroll.

Larkmead Vineyards

Larkmead has the type of history most brands would die for, but with their website (as with their brand) they refuse to rest on their laurels. Choosing to prioritize the present, the venerable company agreed to embark on a year-long photo assignment to document current operations. Images were presented predominantly in color, with select photos processed in black and white to blur the boundaries between the sites’ contemporary and archival photography. Although we provided initial creative direction, photographer Jimmy Hayes grabbed the idea and ran with it – creating an exquisite body of work to illustrate the present day and breath life into what would otherwise have been merely a concept.

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