Clos Du Val: Designing for a Brand in Transition

Despite its venerable history, Clos Du Val’s most exciting period is just beginning. In recent years they’ve switched to a 100% estate model and cut their production in half – a big decision for a well-established brand. We worked closely with them to develop the creative concept for their website, and a series of short films (shot by Ian Rigby) that give insight into the human story behind the bold changes.

Rather than being an exhaustive resource on the winery’s history and wines, the website for Clos Du Val strives to bring their current story of transition into focus. The structure of the site and it’s writing is direct and to the point, ensuring that even casual visitors quickly understand the scope and intention of Clos Du Val’s evolution.

When video is the most effective medium

High-quality video production is often viewed as price-prohibitive by the wine industry, and we’re careful to use it sparingly or not at all when budgets are tight. That said, when done right, few media formats can match video’s ability to tell an emotionally charged story – when the message is not just about the facts, but how it’s participants feel about the facts.

The power of color

Clos Du Val
Clos Du Val
Clos Du Val

Aside from Veuve Clicquot, there’s arguably not another brand in wine that owns a color like Clos Du Val – the classic terra cotta label is iconic. Embracing this, the color grading of the Clos Du Val video and still images intentionally employ a dusty, warm palette and complementary blue tones. Rather than simply framing and reinforcing, the palette is used as a subtle cue to further the storytelling. For example, darker blue tones are used to underscore the weight of tough decisions, while warmer golden tones are used to speak to the optimism for the future.


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