Joseph Phelps: Helping Define an Icon for the Next Generation

Although they enjoy iconic status in the industry, the third generation of Phelps family leadership wanted to further clarify the story of their land, their wines, and their eponymous founder. Leaning in to potential confusion, the website is organized around the four key elements of the brand – their vineyard estates in Napa Valley and the Sonoma Coast; Insignia, their flagship wine; and Joe Phelps – the patriarch and founder.

To further distinguish each section the visual style of each page adopts special characteristics of the given element being profiled. For example, with Joe’s section, the typeface used for their original labels is given prominence, offering a nod to familiar, cherished history, while the Insignia section reflects the deep hues associated with wine itself.

A cinematic approach to photography

Joseph Phelps
Joseph Phelps
Joseph Phelps

Having arrived early to the industry, and adhering to a 100% estate-grown model, means owning a staggering amount of prime real estate in both the Napa Valley and the Sonoma Coast appellations. But even when visiting the tasting room, very few are able to experience the full beauty of Joseph Phelps’ land holdings. Working to provide insight into these vast landscapes of prized vineyards, we collaborated with photographer Matt Morris, who drew inspiration from the techniques favored by cinematographers. Ambitious compositions and wide aspect ratios are coupled with separate color grading in the final edits to further distinguish the individual character of each vineyard.

The Phelps Family voice

Joseph Phelps

Being an established brand doesn’t have to mean sounding corporate. To emphasize the fact that Joe Phelps’ children and grandchildren are now at the helm, we worked with writer Mora Cronin on a brand voice that mirrored the humble and introspective perspective of this family owned and operated company.



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