On Winery Website Design

We’re fortunate to work with some of the wine industry’s most respected brands. Balancing the need for engaging storytelling and brand building with effective commerce has been the common thread. Below, a sampling.

Realm Cellars: Embracing Transparency

In parallel with the redesign of Realm’s brand identity and packaging a black and white video “voice” was established to transparently document Realm’s highs and lows – an uncommon approach for a luxury wine brand. Years of collected footage has been leveraged on the website, launched in conjunction with the acquisition of an estate winery and vineyards.

Visit realmcellars.com

Frog’s Leap: Evolutionary

With an irreverent name and a critter label that’s been going strong for more than 35 years, the goal of the Frog’s Leap website overhaul was to convey the serious nature of their farming practices and winemaking program while remaining true to the remarkably unpretentious brand and its charismatic winemaker and owner John Williams.

Visit frogsleap.com

Kosta Browne: Telling Multiple Stories

Despite almost twenty years in business, Kosta Browne had never told their full story online, in large part relying on exuberant press coverage to tell it for them. The main brand story in circulation told how the founders pooled their tips for seed money, but did little to explain how far the brand had come. The new site tells large and small stories through the eyes of diverse creative collaborators, with stories added to correspond with wine releases.

Visit kostabrowne.com

Bedrock Wine Co: Content Matters

Morgan Twain-Peterson is one of only a handful of working winemakers with the distinction of being a credentialed Master of Wine. His Bedrock Wine Company is devoted to the promotion and preservation of California’s heritage varietals, and the website functions as a rich resource for fans of Bedrock (and wine in general) with a structure that encourages both discoverability and edification.

Visit bedrockwineco.com

Cirq: Welcome to the Show

Whereas most high-end wine brands take a restrained approach, Cirq embraces the importance of “Putting on a Show”. Taking inspiration from winemaker/proprietor Michael Browne’s circus past, the website incorporates typography from classic circus show bills while also showcasing rich photography and video from Eric Wolfinger – communicating the beautiful vineyards and intense craft behind Cirq’s wines.

Visit cirq.com

Larkmead: Balancing Past and Present

In winemaker Dan Petroski’s words, “Larkmead is the most famous winery you’ve never heard of.” Inspired by museum catalogs and classic photojournalism, the site seeks a balance between Larkmead’s rich history and dynamic future (which is brought to life through Jimmy Hayes’ rich photography).

Visit larkmead.com

Joseph Phelps: Working with an Icon

We love working with family-run businesses, and when you have the chance to work with one as iconic as Joseph Phelps, expectations run high. Read our case study to learn more.

Visit josephphelps.com

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